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Hand Gavel

Palm Gavel

1.Wooden Hand Craft Wood Sound Block Gavel Hammer for Lawyer Judge Auction Gift


Antique Hand Carved Walnut Wooden Gavel Hammer Courtroom Judge Museum Deacession


Gavel, Nice Wood Grain Hand Crafted Turned Wooden Gavel, 9-3/4" Long


Vintage Hand-Carved Wooden Gavel #2


Vintage Hand-Carved Wooden Gavel #1




Vintage 11" Wood 1983 Gavel "Not For Heavy Work" Mallet Hammer Hand Made?


Palm Gavel & Block Hand-crafted Unique Pink Ivorywood Pau Preto & Boxwood Base


1956 Press Photo Hamilton Nigel hands the presidential gavel to Richard Holste


1975 Press Photo Chief Judge Dale Green hands gavel to Judge James McInturff


1944 Press Photo Earl Warren hands gavel over to new Chairman Joseph Martin


1972 Press Photo Mrs Albert Liebel hands gavel to Mrs Robert Danzig - tua25707


1946 Press Photo Polish Ambassador hands gavel to Andrei Gromyko of Russia


1968 Press Photo Outgoing president hands over gavel to new incoming president


1973 Press Photo Mrs. Gene Kelser hands gavel to Mrs. Virginia Doyle, Clubwomen


1966 Press Photo Alabama-John Alley, hands over gavel to Candler Watkins.


1970 Press Photo Dr. Herbert Caldera, Priscilla Alejas Mayo with gavel in hand


Millville Hand Made Pipe Gavel Shape


Vintage small Wood gavel With Brass Heads And Hand Carving On Handle


1933 MI Gov Stebbins Handed Mrs FM Alger Gavel for Amendment Repeal Press Photo


Hand Carved Wooden LAW SCHOOL GRADUATE With Gavel & Mortarboard Vintage 1950s


Millville Hand Made Pipe Gavel Shape